Vancouver Island Coastal Die Cut - Stamping
Vancouver Island Coastal Die Cut - Printing and Die Cutting
Vancouver Island Die Cut - Printing and Stamping

Coastal Die Cut is the leading print finishing shop on Vancouver Island which performs a wide variety of services to enhance the function and appearance of printed pieces. Finishing and post production refers to value-added enhancements that are performed after the ink has been applied to the paper. There’s a lot beyond printing that can enhance or devalue your materials.


Coastal Die Cut is in business to provide the printing industry with specialized types of printing processes such as die cutting, foiling stamping, embossing, folding & gluing, along with other printing trade services. It’s imperative to make your marketing materials stand out. Your marketing materials should strive to be different so that you can get an edge over the competition. Many printed materials such as brochures, business cards and postcards don’t have anything unique that separate them from the competition. Incorporating textures into your designs is a fantastic way give your marketing materials a visual and tangible edge that won’t be forgotten.